Since the establishment till now our products and services have spread all over the world.and also have been recognized by customers,PRIMA has more than 12 years experience of foreign trading ,our sales teams are excellent in foreign trade procedures.

    We have 10 sales teams serve for retail customers,builders,contractor. Each group will have a sale leader who leads the whole team to focus on serving the customer.10 sales team work together to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients.

Professional Design Team

PRIMA has highly trained and educated design team that guarantees quick and reliable support for customers.


Professional design tool are adopted to assist for perfect art effect, including 2020,CAD,3D MAX,etc.


PRIMA has a team of experts specialized in QA testing consultation with combined hands-on experience to look

after projects from beginning ,or when project at risks or towards unstable conditions.

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Professional Design Team

.A broad range of after-sales services and support ensuring top-quality standards,fast problem resolution and ability to establish a positive product experience.

Expertly trained teams providing customers good after-sales service,repairs and maintenance.

After-sales services, quality assurance,and control to ensure customer satisfaction.